10 Unreal Photos Before Tragic Moments in History

There is something incredibly unsettling about looking at photos that were taken just hours or minute before a tragedy occurred. Perhaps it’s because typically those last seconds seemed like everything was normal — and then just a short time later someone or many someones were killed.

From the sinking of the Titanic to the tragic loss of entire families, we have collected 10 photos that captured tragedy right before it struck.

While these photos are sad, they also remind us that life is fragile and tragedy can strike at any moment.

Here are 10 unreal photos taken right before some tragic moments in history.

John Lennon’s Last Photo


This is perhaps the most eerie of all the photos on our list. John Lennon was singing autographs for fans just outside of his Manhattan apartment while his killer, Mark David Chapman, stood in the background. Minutes later Chapman would shoot and kill Lennon in cold blood.


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